From science to understanding

Civilised discussion and debate is an integral part of the scientific process. While this can be achieved through publications in scientific journals, regular attendance at scientific conferences is also an important means of communication with colleagues.

People with certain health conditions like diabetes also like to be kept informed of the latest developments and issues in nutrition science, and to have the opportunity to ask questions through consumer expo’s and forums.

I have had the privilege of presenting research on carbohydrates and diabetes at conferences and expos throughout Australia and around the globe.

Here are some examples from the past few years:


Glycemic Index and Load in the prevention and management of diabetes and Australia’s low GI Symbol Program

5th China GI International Conference

Sweeteners: If not sugars, then what?

Healthy Food Guide Nutrition Live, 2023

Definitions of added sugar, their inclusion in dietary guidelines and nutrition information / fact panels

International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium​

Diet and diabetes: Trends, tips and real-life

Westmead Hospital

Australia’s obesity crisis: Is there a magic pill?

Diabetes Australia (Debate)


The KnowDiabetes Diabetes Prevention Program

Australasian Diabetes Congress


Nutrition and Diabetes Remission

Australasian Diabetes Educators Association (Webinar)

Nutrition and Diabetes Remission

Australasian Diabetes Congress Roche Educators Day (Webinar)

Nutrition and Diabetes: facts and fallacies

KnowDiabetes (Webinar)


Dining with Diabetes: The Latest in Diabetes Research

Nutrition Australia NSW (Webinar)


Reversing diabetes –Translation of complex nutrition science into practice with the development of new foods and recipes

International Symposium on the Development of Low-GI Products
Taipei, Taiwan

GI labelling and impact on public health in Australia

4th International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium (ICQC) Meeting
Palinuro, Italy

Nutrition and type 2 diabetes: facts and fallacies

Eating to beat diabetes
Sydney, Australia

Intense (“artificial”) sweeteners: sweet dreams or nightmares?

2019 ADEA-VIC Branch Conference
Melbourne, Australia

Translating the science: GI labelling and impact on public health

Diabetes and chronic disease: the challenge of EU nutrition legislation
Brussels, Belgium


Sugars & Alternative Sweeteners

Roche Educators Day
Adelaide, Australia

Submission and Public Hearing

Senate Select Committee Inquiry into the obesity epidemic in Australia
Sydney, Australia

Starches, Sugars and Alternative Sweeteners: Sweet dreams or nightmares?

Melbourne, Australia

Fad diets and food controversies – strategies to guide your patients in the right direction

General Practice Conference & Exhibition
Sydney, Australia

Can you reverse type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes Queensland. EXPOSing diabetes
Brisbane, Australia


Glycemic Index labelling and guidelines.

International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium.
Rome, Italy

Declining consumption of added sugars and sugar-sweetened beverages in Australia: a challenge for obesity prevention.

Australian Diabetes Educators Association / Australian Diabetes Society.
Perth, Australia

The Good Carbs Cookbook

Concord library
Sydney, Australia

Can diabetes be reversed?

Diabetes Victoria Diabetes Expo 2017
Melbourne, Australia

GI Consumer Translation Experience

Workshop on The Scientific Basis for Communicating Carbohydrate Quality
International Life Sciences Institute
Washington DC, United States of America


Glycemic Index

Kasestsart University
Bangkok, Thailand

Hot topics in nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners

American Association of Diabetes Educators
San Diego, United States of America

Glycemic index and satiety: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Dietitians Association of Australia
Melbourne, Australia


Sugars – an historical perspective

International Life Sciences Institute
Sydney, Australia

Low carbohydrate diets and diabetes

DiabetesNSW Live Your Life Well conference
Sydney, Australia

Glycemic index labeling: The Australian Experience

European Association for the Study of Diabetes conference
Toronto, Canada

Pilot GI test lab accreditation program

International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium (ICQC) meeting
Toronto, Canada

Glycemic index

Joslin Diabetes Center
Boston, United States of America

Diabetes – nutritional guidelines type 1 and 2

South Eastern Sydney Medicare Local
Sydney, Australia

Carbohydrate Requirements in managing Type 2 diabetes

Country Health SA Local Health Network
Adelaide, Australia

Carbohydrates – can you have your cake and eat it too?

Adelaide, Australia


The glycemic impact of rice

2014 Rice conference
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Are we eating ourselves to death?

Rabobank F20 Summit
Sydney, Australia

Cold beverages and risk of type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Australian Diabetes Educators Association and Australian Diabetes Society
Melbourne, Australia

Fructose and Diabetes: the facts.

Society of Obstetric Medicine of Australia and New Zealand and
Australasian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society Joint Scientific Meeting 2014.
Queenstown, New Zealand

Glycemic index and physical performance: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Dietitians Association of Australia.
Melbourne, Australia

Glycemic Index: Facts and Challenges

International Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics
Ankara, Turkey