Personalised therapeutic diets

I have worked as a clinical dietitian providing Medical Nutrition Therapy since 1994 in public hospitals, community centres, fitness centres and general practice.

How does it work?

In the first appointment, you will be asked about your general health, and I will assess your vital statistics (e.g., height, weight, waist circumference, fat and muscle mass, fat mass index), biochemistry (e.g., blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc…) and your eating and drinking habits, to form an overall picture of your nutritional status.

Dr Alan Barclay

Based on this, we will then work out what area of your diet needs improvement, and what changes can be made based on your own personal goals, food preferences, family situation, finances and cultural background.

A structured menu plan may be provided, tailor-made to your own unique requirements.

Shopping lists, information sheets and other written materials (e.g., booklets) may also be provided, depending on your own personal needs. This process typically takes one hour (the initial appointment).

Dr Alan Barclay is an Accredited Practising Dietician

Follow-up appointments cover how well you are feeling and how you are managing with your dietary changes, assessment of your vital statistics and biochemistry, and general progress towards your goals, trouble‑shooting and further refinement of your personalised eating plan.


The Australian Government supports the Medicare rebate for telehealth services by dietitians. Therefore, if you wish to have a consultation on-line or over the telephone, please contact me via email and we can arrange an appointment time.


Initial appointment (1 hour duration) $165.00 – $220.00
Follow-up appointments (0.5 – 0.75 hour duration) $90.00 – $130.00


Cash, cheque, credit card (EFTPOS available) or direct debit.


Medicare Eligible people currently receive a Medicare rebate of $58.30 for each session.
Department of Veteran Affairs 100% covered
NDIS 100% covered.
I am a verified provider.
Health insurance companies I am registered with all Australian health insurance companies.
Rebates vary according to the insurance company and your level of cover.


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The Village Medical Practice
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